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Sinus and Nasal Issues

Nasal Issues

Antihistamines, decongestants, and "cold" remedies

Drugs for stuffy nose, sinus trouble, congestion, and the common cold constitute the largest segment of the over-the-counter market for America's pharmaceutical industry. When used wisely, they provide welcome relief for at least some of the discomforts that affect almost everyone occasionally and that affect many people chronically.

Tips for controlling your environment:

  • Wear a pollen mask when mowing grass or house cleaning (most drugstores sell them)

  • Change the air filters monthly in heating and air conditioning systems, and/or install an air purifier.

  • Keep windows and doors closed during heavy pollen seasons. Rid your home of indoor plants and other sources of mildew.

  • Don't allow dander-producing animals (i.e., cats, dogs, etc.) in your home.

  • Change feather pillows, woolen blankets, and woolen clothing to cotton or synthetic materials.

  • Enclose mattress, box springs, and pillows in plastic barrier cloth.

  • Use antihistamine and decongestants as necessary and as tolerated.

  • Sleep with a brick or two placed under bedposts at the head of the bed to help relieve nasal congestion.

  • Observe general good health practices; exercise daily, stop smoking, avoid air pollutants, eat a balanced diet, and supplement diet with vitamins, especially Vitamin C.

  • Consider a humidifier in the winter. Dry, indoor heat aggravates many allergy-prone people. Be sure to clean the humidifier regularly.

Sinus Issues

  • What Is Sinusitis?
    Have you ever had a cold or allergy attack that wouldn't go away? Gain insight into sinus problems in adults and children.

  • Deviated Septum
    The shape of your nasal cavity could be the cause of chronic sinusitis.

  • Do I have Sinusitis?
    Sinusitis is an inflammation of the lining membrane of any sinus. Take this simple quiz to see if you have sinusitis.

  • Fungal Sinusitis
    Fungal sinusitis is a serious condition that may require surgical treatment.

  • Pediatric Sinusitis
    Unlike in adults, pediatric sinusitis is difficult to diagnose because symptoms can be subtle and the causes are complex.

  • FAQs
    20 Questions about Your Sinuses: This fact sheet answers some of the most commonly asked questions about sinusitis and your sinuses. A downloadable version is provided.

  • Sinus Surgery
    There are occasions when physicians and patients find that the infections are recurrent and/or non-responsive to the medication. When this occurs, surgery to enlarge the openings that drain the sinuses is an option.

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